Super Tuesday Elections

March 2, 2004

ELIZABETH GARRETT, director of the USC-Caltech Center for the Study of Law and Politics and a USC law professor, can discuss the presidential primary and the candidates’ political strategies. She can also discuss Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed remedies for the state’s fiscal crisis – Prop. 57 and Prop. 58.
Contact: (213) 821-5438 (office), (310) 968-5398 (cell phone) or

ALISON RENTELN, USC political science professor, can discuss the primary race between Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards. She can also discuss Kerry’s electability should he win the primary and President Bush’s strategy in California.
Contact: (626) 791-2612 (home), (626) 536-5963 (cell phone), (213) 740-3248 (office) or

MARTIN KAPLAN, director of USC’s Norman Lear Center, can discuss the presidential candidates’ communication style, their role in California politics and how they’ve mounted their campaigns.
Contact: (213) 740-9945 (office) or

JOHN MATSUSAKA, president of USC’s Initiative and Referendum Institute and a professor of finance and business economics at the USC Marshall School of Business, can discuss Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed bond measures – Prop. 57 and Prop. 58 and California’s fiscal health and political economy.
Contact: (213) 740-6495 (office) or

HARRY PACHON, president of the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute at USC, can discuss how the presidential candidates are perceived by the Latino community.
Contact: (213) 821-5623 (office) or

RICHARD REEVES, USC journalism professor, can discuss politics, presidential administrations and the presidential race.
Contact: (213) 740-1034 or

THOMAS HOLLIHAN, USC professor of communication, can discuss political communication, presidential campaigns and the presidential race.
Contact: (213) 740-3947 (office) or