Susan Estrich

Expert in campaign strategy, voting law, workplace law, and women’s issues in law and politics

Holder of the Robert Kingsley Professorship in Law and Political Science

Professor, USC Gould School of Law

Associate, USC Gender Studies Program


  • gender discrimination
  • sexual harassment
  • rape
  • abortion (pro-choice)
  • gender discrimination
  • election law
  • election/voting reform
  • criminal law
  • labor law
  • women and the law
  • political analysis
  • 2008 presidential race
  • Hillary Clinton

Additional Information

  • Author of Real Rape (1987), Getting Away with Murder: How Politics Is Destroying the Criminal Justice System (1998), Making the Case for Yourself: A Diet Book for Smart Women, (1998) Sex and Power (2000), How to Get Into Law School (2004) and The Case for Hillary Clinton (2005)
  • Co-author of Dangerous Offenders: The Elusive Target of Justice (1985)
  • Former campaign chief for 1988 Dukakis campaign



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