USC Experts

Rebecca Hann

financial accounting corporate governance quality of accounting disclosures Sarbanes-Oxley

Emre Karaoglu

financial accounting regulatory capital earnings management GAAP and GAAS real estate

Harry DeAngelo

corporate finance dividend policy proxy contests stockholder voting rights takeover defenses

Linda DeAngelo

corporate finance dividend policy corporate governance financial analysis and valuation

Dennis W. Draper

commodities and commodity futures corporate financial strategy derivatives hedging strategies for financial institutions information economics interest rate futures stock index futures investments options speculative markets stock index futures swap transactions risk management financial start-ups financial planning

Jerry Arnold

Expert in accounting policy setting, the Securities and Exchange Commission, private sector policy setting and the needs of small businesses

Joseph Chen

A specialist in asset pricing, behavioral finance and market anomalies

Robert Dekle

Expert in developing markets, international finance and East Asian economies, especially Japan