Tory Cox

Expert in crisis intervention, domestic violence, bullying and suicide

Clinical Assistant Professor, Field Education

Assistant Director, Field Education


  • crisis intervention
  • domestic violence awareness and prevention
  • bullying
  • child abuse reporting
  • confidentiality
  • grief and loss
  • suicide prevention and intervention
  • homelessness
  • school attendance and supervision
  • positive classroom management
  • collaboration between teachers and support staff
  • raising emotionally healthy children
  • self care
  • non-traditional social work
  • ecological systems theory

Additional Information

  • NASW Region I Social Worker of the Year, 2010
  • Board President, California Association of School Social Workers
  • Board Member, End Abuse Long Beach
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Member: National Association of Social Workers, School Social Worker Association of America, Council on Social Work Education

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