USC in the News

August 27, 2021


Spectrum News 1 | USC kicks off six-week ‘Welcome Experience’ for incoming students | Emily Sandoval, associate vice provost of student affairs, featured

USC Viterbi School

Forbes | National Science Foundation Commits $75 Million To University Innovation Hubs | Announcement of new USC federal grant featured

USC Dornsife College

The New York Times | Satellites Spot Oceans Aglow With Trillions of Organisms | Kenneth Nealson quoted

LAist | Could Latino Voters Make The Difference In Whether Newsom Survives California’s Recall Election? | Manuel Pastor of the Equity Research Institute quoted

USC Marshall School

MarketWatch | How to claim Social Security at the right time | Neha Bairoliya featured

Keck School of Medicine of USC

Los Angeles Times | Happy Masks became a COVID must-have. That sparked a back-to-school frenzy | Jeffrey Klausner quoted