USC in the News

October 11, 2021

USC Dornsife College

  • The New York Times | Two Southern California authors named finalists for the 2021 National Book Awards | Jackie Wang mentioned
  • USA Today | One-fourth of US infrastructure is at risk of flooding amid ‘changing environment,’ report says | Matthew Kahn quoted
  • Yahoo News | Columbus believed he would find ‘blemmyes’ and ‘sciapods’ – not people – in the New World | Commentary by featured
  • Financial Times | U.S. and Mexico look to revive security partnership | Pamela Starr quoted
  • MarketWatch | How a ‘self-nudge’ could help you make better money and life decisions | Wendy Wood, also of the USC Marshall School, quoted

USC Leonard Davis School

  • The Washington Post | Want to add healthy years to your life? Here’s what new longevity research says. | Valter Longo featured

USC Viterbi School

  • Wired | Deadly Heat Is Baking Cities. Here’s How to Cool Them Down | George Ban-Weiss featured

USC Price School

  • CalMatters | How much do wildfires really cost California’s economy? | Adam Rose quoted

USC Gould School

  • The Guardian | John Roberts is no longer the leader of his own court. Who, then, controls it? | Franita Tolson quoted
  • Marketplace | California law expands protections for workers to speak about harassment or discrimination | Thomas Lenz quoted

Keck School of Medicine of USC

  • PolitiFact | COVID immunity through infection or vaccination: Are they equal? | Jeffrey Klausner quoted