USC in the News

September 8, 2021

USC Dornsife College

  • The New York Times | One Thing We Can Agree on Is That We’re Becoming a Different Country | Dennis Chong featured
  • Spectrum News 1 | Democracy in Boyle Heights | George Sanchez featured
  • CalMatters | Why is Larry Elder focusing so much on reaching out to Latino and Asian voters? | Manuel Pastor quoted

USC Price School

  • NPR | Enough With The Climate Jargon: Scientists Aim For Clearer Messages On Global Warming | Wändi Bruine de Bruin, also of the USC Dornsife College, featured

USC Schaeffer Center

  • Los Angeles Times | Adding dental coverage to Medicare makes a lot of sense — except to dentists | Jason Doctor quoted

USC Marshall School

  • Fortune | The ‘meta benefit’ to earning an online MBA: Better remote workforce prep | Miriam Burgos quoted
  • The San Diego Union-Tribune | What pandemic? San Diego CEO pay jumps despite COVID-19 crisis | Kevin Murphy quoted

USC Annenberg School

  • Los Angeles Times | Hollywood ignored women. Academy Museum’s female curators aren’t making the same mistake | Research from the Inclusion Initiative cited