USC in the News

USC In the News 10/26/2017

Glendale News-Press featured the opening of the new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital. The NICU is part of a larger $2.5-million renovation at the hospital.

La Cañada Valley Sun featured a recent wellness fair hosted by the USC Verdugo Hills Hospital that offered free exams, health screenings and flu shots to members of the community. The fair included family events such as face painting, a healthy pie baking contest and a play area for children.

Vice's "Motherboard" featured "Walden: The Game," created by Tracy Fullerton of USC Games. "Walden" explores Henry David Thoreau's two-year experiment living at Walden Pond and takes players through days as Thoreau might have lived them, exploring nature and writing in a journal. "Where's the middle-ground game that is engaging people with ideas, and doesn't require you to have superfast reflexes?" says Fullerton of why she developed the game.

Jewish Journal features a review of a new book by Steven J. Ross of the USC Dornsife College, "Hitler in Los Angeles: How Jews Foiled Nazi Plots Against Hollywood and America." "What makes 'Hitler in Los Angeles' so remarkable is the fact that Ross found his way to a story that has been overlooked by other scholars," writes the reviewer. In another story, Jewish Journal featured a Q&A with Ross, discussing Ross's research into a Nazi plot in 1930s Los Angeles and how it was foiled by private citizens.

The New York Times quoted Richard Flory of the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture on the strategy used by some religious groups to utilize celebrities.

NPR quoted Tim Page of the USC Thornton School and the USC Annenberg School on the musical career of pianist Glenn Gould.

Quartz quoted Emilio Ferrara of the USC Viterbi School on the number of likely bots on Twitter and the way the service talks about that figure.

Columbus Dispatch quoted David Carter of the USC Sports Business Institute on how speculation about a sports team's relocation can negatively impact relationships with sponsors and fans.

KPCC-FM mentioned that USC is part of a project supported by the National Institutes of Health to map every brain cell.

CBS News mentioned research by Emilio Ferrara of the USC Viterbi School on the likely number of bots on Twitter.

Next Big Future mentioned that physicists researching the Higgs boson will use the D-Wave quantum computer at USC in their work.

Science News reported on research by Adam Leventhal and Rob McConnell of the Keck School of Medicine of USC and colleagues that found teens who smoke e-cigarettes with higher levels of nicotine are more likely to try traditional cigarettes after six months.