USC in the News

USC In the News 12/15/2017

The Hill published an op-ed by Lawrence Harris of the USC Marshall School about the congressional tax reform bills and the possible new policies on repatriating foreign profits. Harris points to previous efforts at amnesty that did not result in greater revenues or job creation in the United States. Instead, Harris suggests corporations should be forced "to repatriate their foreign-sourced profits and pay the deferred taxes due which are already on the corporate books."

STAT published an op-ed by Neeraj Sood, Dana Goldman and Karen Van Nuys of the USC Schaeffer Center about the flow of prescription drug profits between manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacy benefit managers, distributors, insurance companies and others. "Only with greater financial transparency throughout the drug distribution chain can we assess if and where it is producing inefficiencies and hurting consumers. Then we can formulate remedial action, or at least enroll in Amazon Prime," they wrote.

New York Daily News featured research by Diana Younan of the Keck School of Medicine of USC that found a connection between pollution exposure during childhood and higher risk for destructive behaviors during adolescence. Younan also found after tracking participants for nine years, this held true when accounting for socioeconomic and other factors that influence bad behavior.

Pasadena Weekly highlighted the reopening of the USC Pacific Asia Museum and its newest exhibit, "Winds from Fusang: Mexico and China in the Twentieth Century." The exhibit is part of the Getty Center's Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA project. The story included comments by USC Pacific Asia Museum Director Christina Yu Yu about the flow inside the museum following the seismic renovations.

The New York Times (in an Associated Press story) quoted Christopher Smith of the USC Annenberg School about the possible reasons why the Murdoch family decided to sell part of 21st Century Fox's assets to the Walt Disney Co.

The New York Times (in an Associated Press story) quoted Peter Labuza, a graduate student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, on how the Walt Disney Co.'s acquisition of 21st Century Fox assets will help it compete with Netflix and other streaming services.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Kevin Murphy of the USC Marshall School about how congressional tax reform will impact executive compensation.

Los Angeles Times quoted Gene Del Vecchio of the USC Marshall School about the Walt Disney Co.'s intentions to compete in the streaming industry. The Wrap cited Del Vecchio's comments about the acquisition.

KPCC-FM's "AirTalk" interviewed Andrea Belz of the USC Viterbi School on how changes to net neutrality will impact business innovation and growth.

Fox News quoted Richard Green of the USC Lusk Center about the contributing factors in California's affordable housing crisis.

The Hollywood Reporter quoted Tom Sito of the USC School of Cinematic Arts on the likelihood that the Walt Disney Co. will phase out 21st Century Fox's animation studio.

Time quoted Dowell Myers of the USC Price School on why many urban areas have reached "peak millennial" capacity.

Pacific Standard quoted Nick Vyas of the USC Marshall School's Center for Global Supply Chain Management about the implementation of sustainable practices across the global supply chain.

Snopes quoted Vince Gonzales of the USC Annenberg School about how to objectively evaluate the use of anonymous sources in news stories.

AlterNet quoted Paul Adler of the USC Marshall School about whether the newest generation of business school graduates are more socially conscious than their predecessors.

The Atlantic noted Safiya Noble of the USC Annenberg School moderated a panel about the evolution of content moderation.

STAT, in a story about harassment in the biomedical industry, mentioned the former dean of the Keck School of Medicine of USC.

Business Insider cited research by Valter Longo of the USC Leonard Davis School about the health benefits of intermittent fasting.

The Orange County Register, in a story about how local colleges and universities help students manage stress during final exams, mentioned USC.

Billboard mentioned the USC Annenberg School's Inclusion Initiative in a story on how some high-ranking men in the music industry may avoid hiring or promoting women for fear of harassment allegations.

Indian Express published an op-ed by Simone Schaner of the USC Dornsife College and a colleague on the gender gap in mobile phone usage across India.

The Times Picayune cited research by the USC Price School from 2008 about the ineffectiveness of the city of Los Angeles' camera program on reducing crime.

Metro News (Canada) cited research by Michael Habib of the Keck School of Medicine of USC about how large dinosaurs might have developed the ability to fly.