USC in the News

USC In the News 12/21/2017

The Huffington Post featured research by Jon-Patrick Allem of the Keck School of Medicine of USC that found Twitter bot accounts were twice as likely to promote electronic cigarettes as a valuable smoking cessation tool. "People need to be aware of these fake social media accounts, and public health campaigns should be implemented to counteract the most dangerous unhealthy behaviors these bots are encouraging," Allem said. IANS also featured the study.

Press Trust of India featured research by Diana Younan of the Keck School of Medicine of USC that found a connection between pollution exposure during childhood and higher risk for destructive behaviors during adolescence. Younan also found after tracking participants for nine years, this held true when accounting for socioeconomic and other factors that influence bad behavior.

The New York Times (in an Associated Press story) quoted Jessica Ho of the USC Leonard Davis School on how declining life expectancy for Americans is not a good sign for the future. NPR quoted Arun Hendi of the USC Dornsife College's Center for Economic and Social Research about the possible trend that may be developing.

The New York Times' "California Today" newsletter quoted William Deverell of the USC Dornsife College about the racist legacy of California's first governor.

The Washington Post quoted Edward Kleinbard of the USC Gould School on why he expects pressure to increase for President Donald Trump to release his tax returns following the passage of the new tax reform bill. Los Angeles Times quoted Kleinbard on how eliminating certain deductions will increase the tax bills of average Americans. Reuters quoted Kleinbard on how Apple will benefit from the new tax provisions.

Los Angeles Times quoted Lon Schneider of the Keck School of Medicine of USC on why diet matters to deter cognitive decline.

NPR quoted Jody Agius Vallejo of the USC Dornsife College about the fluid racial and ethnic identities among Hispanics and Latinos.

KPCC-FM interviewed Nicolas Duquette of the USC Price School on how the new tax reform bill will impact different nonprofits.

Vice quoted Heather Berg of the USC Dornsife College about the historical use of the word "femme."

The Wrap quoted Abby Wood of the USC Gould School on why it is unlikely comedian Rosie O'Donnell will be prosecuted for offering money to senators in exchange for a "no" vote on the tax reform bill.

Forbes (in a Quora answer) quoted Kurt Hong, Yuri Genyk and Michael Levine of the Keck School of Medicine of USC about heart-healthy tips during the holiday season.

The Charlotte Observer quoted David Carter of the USC Marshall School's Sports Business Institute about the possibility that Carolina Panthers fans can own their NFL team like the Green Bay Packers fans.

Futurism quoted Gregory Stevens of the Keck School of Medicine of USC about Japan's universal health care efforts.

California Matters quoted Dan Schnur of the USC Annenberg School about the clout of labor in California politics.

The Huffington Post cited comments by Stanley Rosen of the USC Dornsife College on why Disney's animated film "Coco" appeals to Chinese audiences.

The San Jose Mercury News mentioned results from a USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll about the upcoming Senate race in California.

The Conversation mentioned an op-ed by Diane Winston of the USC Annenberg School about the National Prayer Breakfast.

The Verge mentioned a panel held at the USC School of Cinematic Arts that featured USC Trustee Steven Spielberg and USC alumnus George Lucas.

EducationNext published an op-ed by Morgan Polikoff of the USC Rossier School and a colleague on the use of laptops in college classrooms.

Springfield Republican noted research by Moh El-Naggar, Yamini Jangir and Annette Rowe of the USC Dornsife College about recent microbe discoveries.

Fox & Hounds Daily published commentary by Sherry Bebitch Jeffe of the USC Price School and Doug Jeffe on the similarities between American and British politics and society.