USC in the News

USC In the News 4/18/2018

The Wall Street Journal published commentary by Paul Irving of the USC Leonard Davis School about the rise of loneliness for older adults and how it is a growing public health issue. "By recognizing the magnitude of the loneliness epidemic, confronting the realities and developing solutions, we can improve lives, communities and businesses. Instead of songs of loneliness, we’ll be humming a different tune, something like the Beatles lyrics, 'I get by with a little help from my friends,'" Irving wrote.

Voice of America featured the USC Viterbi School's Robotics Open House. The event invited children from the surrounding community to explore and learn about the different types of robots created by USC Viterbi faculty and staff, as well as inspire youth to pursue careers in STEM. The story included female USC students behind many of the projects. "We feel that if the kids can actually see the robots, hear the PhD students and the faculty members talk about what their research is and why it’s important, how robots benefit society, we see through experience that the kids get really excited,” said Katie Mills of the USC Viterbi School and manager of the school's STEM outreach program.

Voice of America featured Andrew Hung of the Keck School of Medicine of USC's Center for Robotic Simulation and Education program. Hung, the center's founder, speaks about the use of robotics in surgery as an extension of the surgeon's skill and experience to complete more complicated procedures. Hung and his team are currently using a "blackbox" he developed to evaluate the efficiency and skill of surgeons who use the robotic surgical instruments.

Newsweek featured research Eileen Crimmins of the USC Leonard Davis School that found college-educated Americans live longer without dementia and Alzheimer's disease. The researchers found a college education was a strong indicator of more years spent with a healthy mind. "This association between the increase in college attainment and the decline in dementia prevalence is good news for people who have completed some higher education or earned a degree, but what does it mean for people who are less educated? They are more likely to develop dementia, and live longer with it," Crimmins said.

CW News Los Angeles affiliate KTLA's "Frank Buckley Interviews" podcast interviewed Clifford Johnson of the USC Dornsife College about his graphic novel and other efforts to make theoretical physics and other scientific concepts accessible for the lay audience.

The Verge published a Q&A with Thomas Anthony of the USC Viterbi School's Aviation Safety and Security program about what conditions might lead to an airline passenger being sucked out of a plane. Daily Star (UK) also interviewed Anthony.

EliteDaily quoted Orin Kerr of the USC Gould School on how often President Donald Trump says his critics should go to jail.

OZY cited research by Stacy Smith and colleagues from the USC Annenberg School's Inclusion Initiative on the lack of gender parity among directors for the highest grossing movies.

Fox & Hounds Daily, in a story about a possible ballot proposal to divide California into three separate states, mentioned USC.