USC in the News

USC In the News 4/19/2018

Los Angeles Times featured compositions by Ted Hearne of the USC Thornton School, performed at the Walt Disney Concert Hall this season. "The Place," Hearne's latest opera, was set to premiere this week in Los Angeles, but will instead have its first show in New York. Instead, Hearne's "Law of Mosaics" was one of the piece conducted by Gustavo Dudamel in its stead. "Ever the fast study, Dudamel led what are surely the finest performances the Rzewski and Hearne pieces have ever had," according to the review.

ABC News' "Good Morning America" featured work by Albert "Skip" Rizzo of the USC Institute for Creative Technologies to develop virtual reality-based exposure therapy to help treat victims of sexual trauma. The method repeatedly exposes the patient to the traumatic memory under the direction of a well-trained clinician. "It is painful, it is hard, you are peeling back the scab on the wound, but you see patients start to feel empowered, start to feel stronger and the anxiety starts to extinguish through repeated exposure," Rizzo said. He expects to present his findings to the medical community next month.

San Francisco Chronicle highlighted a film written by Jeffery Hammer of the USC Cinematic Arts School that was shown at the San Francisco International Film Festival. The movie was inspired by a news story out of La Honda, California. "Live or Die in La Honda" was primarily shot in La Honda, Pescadero and San Gregorio by a largely local crew and cast.

Pacific Standard featured research by Shaun Harper of the USC Rossier School's Race and Equity Center on the continued inequity among black male student athletes in college sports. Harper released his latest research on the disparities in graduation rates among black male athletes in the Power Five athletic conferences and points to long entrenched racial attitudes as the root of the problem. "This caricature and other racial stereotypes - ["dumb jock, innate Black athletic superiority, dumb Negro"] - continue to plague Black male student-athletes at many predominantly white colleges and universities," said Harper.

Los Angeles Times quoted Marlon Boarnet of the USC Price School about a possible move by the Los Angles City Council to fast-track permitting for Elon Musk's proposed underground tunnel project.

Los Angeles Times quoted Tim Page of the USC Annenberg School and USC Thornton School about some of the criticisms of Kendrick Lamar's Pulitzer Prize.

NPR New York affiliate WNYC-FM's "The Brian Lehrer Show" interviewed David Kang of the USC Dornsife College's Korean Studies Institute about diplomatic relations between the United States and North Korea.

Pacific Standard quoted Niels Frenzen of the USC Gould School's Immigration Clinic about the Dept. of Justice's decision to end legal guidance for detained immigrants.

Refinery29 quoted Raj Dasgupta of the Keck School of Medicine of USC on how the amount of daily sleep needed declines as humans age.

Jewish Journal quoted Stephen Gruner of USC Shoah Foundation about the acts of resistance by the Jews during the Second World War.

The New York Times mentioned research by Stacy Smith, Marc Choueiti and Kate Pieper of the USC Annenberg School's Inclusion Initiative that tracked the gender and race of performers, writers and producers across the pop music charts and Grammy Awards.

The Washington Post and The Sun (UK) cited comments by Thomas Anthony of the USC Viterbi School's Aviation Safety and Security program about what conditions might lead to an airline passenger being sucked out of a plane.

Los Angeles Times, in a California Healthline story about charitable requirements for California hospitals, mention Keck Medicine of USC's Verdugo Hills Hospital.

Houston Chronicle cited research by Karen Van Nuys, Geoffrey Joyce, Dana Goldman and colleagues at the USC Schaeffer Center on how many patients overpay for prescription medications with their copays.

Inquisitr cited comments by Karine Chung of the Keck School of Medicine of USC about the medical possibility of males carrying infants to term.