USC in the News

USC In the News 4/25/2018

The New York Times published a poem by Carol Muske-Dukes of the USC Dornsife College. "The Year the Law Changed" may appear to be about a controversial subject, but poet Terrance Hayes, who selected the piece for publication, asserts the poem is more about form. "Poems are rarely simply about subject. They are almost always about poetry: form, sound and deliberations of order and disorder," he wrote.

Los Angeles Business Journal featured the launch of the Homelessness Policy Research Institute at the USC Price School. The institute's mission is to develop policies to reduce homelessness in Los Angeles County. "The urgent need to reduce the number of individuals experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County requires a new model of collaboration between researchers and policymakers," said Gary Painter, director of both the new institute and the USC Price School's Center for Social Innovation.

Vox published a Q&A with Benjamin Carrington of the USC Annenberg School in why he believes "sports is the most racially tinged spectacle in modern society." The interview addressed the possible reasons why quarterback Colin Kaepernick has not been signed by an NFL team and why professional football seems to bring more racial tension than other professional sports. "The games we play aren’t simply games. They’re also about identity, which is why they’re so popular. And if they didn’t tap into identity, they wouldn’t be so popular," he said.

PC Magazine featured research by Burcin Becerik-Gerber of the USC Viterbi School on the future of interactive environments. Becerik-Gerber is examining how to make buildings sentient to be in tune with the needs of its residents and are environmentally sustainable. "We spend 90 percent of our time indoors. Why can't the building be your friend if you're spending so much time in it?" she said.

KPCC-FM's "Take Two" interviewed Richard Green of the USC Lusk Center about the rising cost of housing in Southern California.

The Guardian (UK) quoted Marlon Boarnet of the USC Price School about the benefits of dockless scooter sharing in cities.

The Washington Post (in a Kaiser Health News story) cited comments by William Deverell of the USC Dornsife College about the eugenics movement in America.

The Conversation cited comments by Antonio Damasio of the USC Dornsife College's Brain and Creativity Institute on how culture develops.

East Bay Express mentioned research by Stacy Smith, Marc Choueiti and Kate Pieper of the USC Annenberg School's Inclusion Initiative that tracked the gender and race of performers, writers and producers across the pop music charts and Grammy Awards.