USC in the News

USC In the News 5/4/2018

CBS Eye on Veterans & featured USC President C. L. Max Nikias and the work done by USC for veteran students. Although tuition may exceed GI Bill allowances, USC is one of the few universities to offer qualified student veterans Yellow Ribbon Scholarships to pay expenses not covered by the Dept. of Veteran Affairs. "We make sure that the Yellow Ribbon veteran students who come to USC graduate with no debt because we fully match the funding from that program. Not all private universities do that," said Nikias. The story also noted nearly 1,100 men and women are studying at USC thanks to veteran benefits and USC is the only top 25 private university to enroll transfer students from community college. "[This] contributes to the diversity fabric of our university," Nikias added.

Long Beach Business Journal featured a partnership between the Keck School of Medicine of USC's Digital Health Lab, the Milken Institute and the Long Beach Health & Human Services Department to develop technology to help the homeless in the most effective ways. "One of our programs is building technology in support of our community partners, either inside or outside of USC. So, we ask ourselves, 'How can we take what we learned about in health care and at Keck and push it on towards the broader L.A. ecosystem?'" said Karthik Murali of the Digital Health Lab. The partnership is currently in the assessment phase.

NPR (in a Kaiser Health News story) quoted Harry Richard Lamb, professor emeritus of the Keck School of Medicine of USC, on how there are not enough mental health professionals to treat incarcerated patients.

Bloomberg quoted Michael Chasalow of the USC Gould School about a California Supreme Court ruling mandating how employers classify contract workers.

ESPN's "The Undefeated" quoted Thomas Lenz of the USC Gould School on how professional football players Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid need to make their case against the NFL and its owners alleging collusion because of their political beliefs.

Refinery29 quoted Diane Winston of the USC Annenberg School about the sensuality and physical beauty of the Catholic Church and its religious practices (second story here).

Quanta Magazine quoted Sheel Ganatra of the USC Dornsife College about the importance of zeta numbers to connect geometric worlds.

The Chronicle of Higher Education noted the appointment of Laura Mosqueda as the dean of the Keck School of Medicine of USC.

The San Jose Mercury News cited comments by USC President C. L. Max Nikias about the growth in annual revenue for the Pac-12 Conference.

The Conversation cited research by Antonio Damasio of the USC Dornsife College's Brain and Creativity Institute on how the brain constantly interacts with every part of the body.

Kaiser Health News cited an op-ed by Erin Trish and Dana Goldman of the USC Schaeffer Center on why imposing a health payment rate is "dangerous and misguided."

L.A. Biz mentioned Maja Mataric of the USC Viterbi School in a story about a socially assistive robotics and artificial intelligence company she cofounded.

EdTech Magazine mentioned a partnership between the USC Rossier School and USC Viterbi School that established the Center for Human-Applied Reasoning and the Internet of Things (CHARIOT).

Maclean's (Canada) mentioned the USC Gould School's Post-Conviction Justice Project.