USC In The News

USC In the News 6/23 to 6/25/2018

NPR interviewed Orin Kerr of the USC Gould School about a Supreme Court decision on whether the government needs a warrant to track an individual's cell phone data. According to The Guardian (UK), Kerr's arguments were cited nine times in the court's dissenting opinion by Justice Anthony Kennedy. The Atlantic and Axios also highlighted Kerr's arguments.

American Public Media's "Marketplace" published commentary by John Margetis of the Ostrow School of USC's Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy and colleagues on how patients can best manage the transition from pediatric to adult health care, especially for those who are diagnosed with "childhood disabilities." "There is less specialization and concentration of health care services for people with disabilities in adult clinics and hospitals, so knowing what resources are available is important for patients growing up with disabilities, as well as those who might discover or acquire a disability after they turn 18," they wrote.

NBC News highlighted research by Chi Zhang, graduate student at the USC Annenberg School, about misinformation and political polarization on WeChat. While the study noted that both conservative and liberal WeChat discourse focused on race relations and what it called the “ambivalent role of Chinese Americans,” “it was the conservative narrative, invoking zero-sum calculations and the neglect of Chinese Americans by liberals, that seems to resonate more widely," Zhang wrote.

San Francisco Chronicle highlighted the latest results from the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll on voter support for Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her competitor state senator Kevin de Leon. The poll found 46 percent of California voters on undecided on who to vote for in November. Fox & Hounds Daily cited the poll's results on the lack of support for California's gas tax.

IANS highlighted research by Chih-Hsiang "Jason" Yang of the Keck School of Medicine of USC on how mindfulness with movement can reduce stress. "It can be difficult to ask people to spend a lot of time doing moderate or vigorous activity by going to the gym or out for a run, especially if they feel stressed, but if they don't need to change their everyday behavior, they can instead try to change their state of mind by becoming more mindful and can probably see this beneficial effect," Yang said.

The New York Times (in an Associated Press story) quoted Karen Tongson of the USC Dornsife College on why entertainment networks have decided to move forward with successful series that previously featured a disgraced star.

Los Angeles Times quoted Dan Schnur of the USC Annenberg School about the pattern of unsuccessful gubernatorial campaigns by former Los Angeles mayors.

CNN Money quoted Jody Agius Vallejo of the USC Dornsife College's Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration about Hispanic and Latino social mobility.

CBC Radio (Canada) quoted Mike Ananny of the USC Annenberg School about growing media discussion of a viral photo of a child crying that does not represent a family being separated at the border. The Knife cited Ananny's comments to CBC Radio (Canada).

CGTN-America quoted Jason Squire of the USC School of Cinematic Arts about the trend of media companies merging to compete against newer companies and models.

WalletHub quoted Gene Del Vecchio of the USC Marshall School about the best ways to save money over the Fourth of July holiday.

The New York Times cited research by Edward McCaffery of the USC Gould School on why governments are able to successful institute more taxes during wartime.

The Wall Street Journal on legal action against a former doctor at USC's student health center. Los Angeles Times (additional stories and mentions here and here), CW News Los Angeles affiliate KTLA-TV, Fox News and Inc. also mentioned the cases.

Los Angeles Times and The Daily Beast mentioned a study by Stacy Smith and colleagues from the USC Annenberg School's Inclusion Initiative on the demographics of movie critics. Ozy mentioned research by Smith on the underrepresentation of women and minorities in entertainment.

Wired, in a story about the growing field of urban science, referenced the USC Dornsife College's Spatial Sciences Institute.

Inverse cited research by Stephen Gruber of the Keck School of Medicine of USC that found regular coffee consumption can reduce an individual's risk of developing colorectal cancer.

The Wrap, Inc. and Mother Jones noted Oprah Winfrey spoke at the USC Annenberg School's 2018 commencement ceremony.

Eugene Register-Guard noted research by Antonio Damasio and colleagues from the USC Dornsife College's Brain and Creativity Institute on how developing brains benefit from learning a musical instrument.