USC in the News

USC In the News 7/4 to 7/5/2018

Newsweek published an op-ed by Manuel Pastor of the USC Dornsife College on why California can serve as a model for the anti-immigrant sentiment seen across the country. "Like California Republicans before them, the national party seems to be keeping its eye on the past rather than the prize. But we Californians know how this movie started and how it ends: with a rejection of the politics of division and an embrace of the future," he wrote.

Time highlighted a book by Steven Ross of the USC Dornsife College in an article about American history moments that still matter today. According to him, a rally for American Nazis in Los Angeles in July of 1933 reminds him of the neo-Nazis and white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017. Ross' recent book, Hitler in Los Angeles: How Jews Foiled Nazi Plots Against Hollywood and America, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

HealthDay featured research by Jon-Patrick Allem of Keck Medicine of USC on his recent research finding that the JUUL vaping device is popular among kids as a way to sneak nicotine during the school day. Allem used surveys of content posted to Twitter in his research and found that 1 in 25 posts about the use of the JUUL device was indicative of use while at high school, middle school or elementary school.

Los Angeles Times quoted Kelly Sanders of the USC Viterbi School about a new technology that can form pure ice by pulling moisture from the air, and how this might help water deprived regions.

Poynter quoted Chi Zhang, graduate student at the USC Annenberg School, about how quickly misinformation can spread on the WeChat platform.

The Texas Tribune (in a Hechinger Report story) quoted Zoe Corwin of the USC Rossier School's Pullias Center about shortages in the workforce and how this contributes to college attrition rates.

The New York Times, in a story about the Los Angeles dance scene, mentioned choreographer William Forsythe of the USC Kaufman School.

Los Angeles Times cited research by Michael Thom of the USC Price School on the lack of long-term economic impacts on regions that offer significant tax incentives to the entertainment industry.

The Sacramento Bee cited research by Karen Van Nuys and colleagues from the USC Schaeffer Center on how many patients pay more for prescription medications when using their insurance benefits.

Slate mentioned an investigation of USC by the Department of Education for allegedly privileging women over men.

The Denver Post mentioned a partnership between USC and United Airlines for naming rights on the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Jewish Journal published commentary by Gary Wexler of the USC Annenberg School about bridging differences between Jewish communities.