USC in the News

USC In the News 7/14 to 7/16/2018

The New York Times featured an op-ed by Roberto Suro of the USC Annenberg School on the ways American leaders have responded to illegal immigration in recent decades and ways he believes that immigration could be better managed. Suro also explores the conditions that causes people to flee their country and seek asylum and how America may be implicated. "What we need is a new visa program designed for the number and characteristics of the people arriving at the American border," Suro writes.

National Public Radio highlighted commentary by Jody Armour of the USC Gould School in a story on the problems of people calling the police unnecessarily in racially charged situations. "You have an alarming tendency of white people starting to use 911 as their kind of customer service line when they have any friction with a black person," said Armour. NPR posted the transcript of the radio story as a separate article here.

The Washington Post, in an Associated Press story, highlighted commentary by Mindy Romero of the USC Price School's California Civic Engagement Project discussing the relatively high voter turnout in California's June primary elections. “They’re good for what we’ve seen historically, but they’re still low numbers,” Romero said. Romero also discussed new methods of vote collection used in the state primary. The Hill cited Romero's comments to the Associated Press in a related story.

Los Angeles Times featured the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC and the institute's newly leased building in West Los Angeles. The story featured David Agus of Keck Medicine of USC and CEO of the Ellison Institute on the aim to focus on collaboration across medical and engineering disciplines to advance cancer research.

The Sacramento Bee featured commentary by Manuel Pastor of the USC Dornsife College's Program for Environmental and Regional Equity and Mindy Romero of the USC Price School’s California Civic Engagement Project in an article that solicited views from political influencers about undocumented immigration. Pastor noted that immigration is wracked by polarization and misinformation, and that California has the most settled immigrant population. Romero noted that California lawmakers must continue to protect the safety and well-being of both documented and undocumented immigrants, but that there is not one view on immigration in the state but many nuanced views.

The New York Times quoted Robert Shrum of the USC Dornsife College on the recent vote by the executive committee of the California Democratic Party to support Kevin DeLeon, rather than incumbent Diane Feinstein, in the race for Senate. The story also mentioned the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll.

Los Angeles Times, in an Associated Press story, quoted Orin Kerr of the USC Gould School on the ways that the screening for Supreme Court justices may result in judges with similar professional backgrounds.

Los Angeles Times quoted Dan Schnur of the USC Annenberg School on the political legacy of Larry Thomas.

MIT Technology Review quoted Philip Lelyveld of the USC School of Cinematic Arts on the reasons people may not be interested in buying virtual reality sets for home use.

CNET quoted Karen North of the USC Annenberg School on the challenges for Facebook in combating false news on their site.

Newsday quoted Robert Shrum of the USC Dornsife College on the possible effects of a politician changing views. The story also mentioned results from the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll.

Pop Sugar quoted Kyle Stanley of the USC Ostrow School on the fact that a diet high in protein may cause bad breath.

The New York Times, in an Associated Press story, reported on a sentencing hearing related to the 2014 death of USC graduate student, Xinran Ji.

Los Angeles Times mentioned a USC graduate student who had been missing and was located on July 13. ABC News Los Angeles affiliate KABC-TVCBS News Los Angeles affiliate KCBS-TV, and CW News Los Angeles affiliate KTLA-TV also mentioned the student.

Los Angeles Times mentioned the USC Schaeffer Center in a story on the 2018 homeless count report.

Los Angeles Times noted that the former gynecologist at USC's student health center has retained a defense attorney for representation.

The Chronicle of Higher Education listed USC and the recent gift from the Epstein Family Foundation in a round-up of recent private gifts in higher education.

The Chronicle of Higher Education listed USC as one of the "great colleges to work for" in their 2018 survey.

San Francisco Chronicle mentioned USC Dornsife College professor Jennifer Cool and her research in the startup world of Silicon Valley.

Venture Beat noted the Keck School of Medicine of USC is part of an alliance with an artificial intelligence genomics startup to study ALS.

The Australian referenced the "Soft Power 30" index from the USC Center on Public Diplomacy.

Odessa American ran an article by Susan Estrich of the USC Gould School on the possibility of a nomination and potential to win the election for certain politicians.