William G. Tierney

Expert on higher education, including policy, faculty, culture and minorities

University Professor

Co-Director, Pullias Center for Higher Education at USC

Wilbur-Kieffer Professor of Higher Education, USC Rossier School of Education



  • higher education policy analysis
  • governance and administration in higher education
  • cultural leadership in higher education
  • decision making in higher education
  • faculty reward structures
  • organizational culture and its role in academic decision making
  • innovation and organizational change in postsecondary education
  • power, ideology and cultural politics in academe
  • equity issues in higher education
  • diversity issues in higher education
  • building communities of difference on the multicultural campus
  • Native Americans and other minorities in higher education
  • quality of faculty performance
  • faculty socialization as a cultural process
  • race, class, gender and sexual identity in the socialization of faculty
  • socialization and culture of college students
  • critical and feminist interpretations of higher education policy
  • anthropology of higher education
  • educational institutions as political and organizational cultures
  • organizational/institutional politics
  • affirmative action
  • for-profit universities
  • tenure reform
  • the college presidency
  • cultural politics in academe
  • gay and lesbian studies (LGBT)
  • ethnography

Additional Information

  • Author, Building the Responsive Campus: Creating High-Performance Colleges and Universities (1999), Academic Outlaws: Queer Theory and Cultural Studies in the Academy (1997), The Responsive University: Restructuring for High Performance (1997), Building Communities of Difference: Higher Education in the 21st Century (1993), Official Encouragement, Institutional Discouragement: Minorities in Academe – The Native American Experience (1992), Curricular Landscapes, Democratic Vistas: Transformative Leadership in Higher Education (1989), and The Web of Leadership: The Presidency in Higher Education (1988)
  • Co-author, Promotion and Tenure: Community and Socialization in Academe (1997) and Collegiate Culture and Leadership Strategies (1988)

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