William Mallon

Expert in alcohol and drug poisoning, abuse, overdose and emergency treatment

Associate Professor of Clinical

Keck School of Medicine of USC

Director, Division of International Emergency Medicine, LAC+USC Med Ctr


  • clinical pharmacology and toxicology of
    alcohol, cocaine, crystal amphetamine,
    marijuana, PCP (“angel dust”), GHB
    and other street drugs
  • diagnosis and treatment of alcohol
    poisoning and drug overdose
  • mental and physical impairments caused
    by alcohol and drug abuse
  • street-drug synthesis and formulation
  • trauma management
  • resident education
  • cross-cultural emergency medicine
  • forensic emergency medicine
  • nonverbal gang communication – the forensic significance of tattoos, graffiti, hand signs and dress (“colors”)

Additional Information

  • Fellow, American Academy of Emergency Medicine

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