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Blurred lines between political news, reality TV, fake news

  • “Donald Trump is a product of three different strands of popular culture.”

    Henry Jenkins

    Expert in popular culture, social media and online fan communities

  • “At the very moment when many Americans blame the news media for their role in fomenting political polarization, it is, ironically, the news and the media that still bring us together.”

    Diane Winston

    Expert on American evangelicalism as well as media coverage of religion

  • “These hearings provide a civic classroom on our system of checks and balances. This administration is revealing dynamics between and within the branches that we normally wouldn’t see. The more we watch, the more we learn about these latent features of our governmental design.”

    John Elliott “Jeb” Barnes

    Expert on U.S. politics and public policy

  • “The practice of conflating reality and fiction has been with us since the advent of television.  Technological innovation required candidates be charismatic in the public eye; it was important to be telegenic.”

    Alison Dundes Renteln

    Political scientist with expertise in cultural issues, constitutional rights and American politics

  • “The path to the White House, typically forged by lawyers and statesmen, has found a new road from reality television. Is it any wonder that the line between news and sensationalist entertainment has been blurred?”

    David Nelson

    Expert in virtual reality and television documentaries