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SOURCE ALERT: Obama’s Climate Change Emissions Rules

  • “The benefits of this regulation are not only in reducing the future impacts of climate change globally, but also in improving the present health of the nation – especially the health of children. This regulation will result in significant reductions in asthma and school and work days missed as a result of air pollution. The obvious challenges will be political and economic, especially from states where the coal industry is important.”

    Hilda Blanco of the USC Price School is an expert on urban planning and policy and its environmental impact. Hilda Blanco

    Expert on urban planning and policy and its environmental impact

  • “President Obama’s comment on improvements in LA air quality in recent decades is something all of us who have lived here can relate to — and we’ve seen the benefits of cleaner air in our health research.  LA is an environmental success story, with today’s levels of some air pollutants as much as 50 percent lower than in the 1990’s. Our recent work shows that children today have significantly healthier lungs than children 20 years ago, thanks to tighter air pollution standards.”

    Gauderman (2005)_2 W. James Gauderman

    Expert in environmental impacts on children’s health

  • “It will be interesting to see how the current crop of Republican contenders handle the issue in the first debate this week. But the Democrats have also begun to see climate change as a potential wedge issue for a whole range of constituencies in the general election. Most of the electorate views climate change as an important issue (if not an overriding one) and supports some sort of action.”

    Jefferey M. Sellers Jefferey M. Sellers

    Expert in European politics, comparative local governance, and environmental law and policy