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SOURCE ALERT: USC experts are available to discuss President Obama’s speech on ISIS

  • “Coming on the eve of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, President Obama’s speech will have to strike a delicate balance between asserting that the US must prepare for a broader war against ISIS while reassuring the American people that this war will not require the deployment of US ground troops. The President will be mindful to reiterate the ‘muscular multilateralism’ which has defined his presidency, imploring key U.S. allies in Europe and the Middle East to support aggressive action against ISIS.”

    JOSH LOCKMAN Josh Lockman

    Expert on United States foreign policy, international law and the Middle East

  • “The reaction to ISIS across the region is far from unified. There is no question that it has attracted additional recruits from various parts of the region. But there are far, far more people who are extremely worried about its swift march and its “program,” which some would call militant Wahhabism, while others regard it as a significant departure from the Islam they practice.”

    Laurie Brand Laurie Brand

    Expert in the politics and culture of the Middle East

  • “ISIS is not al-Qaeda. It is a complex terrorist army, complete with extensive military and financial resources, effective social media and a clear destination for volunteers upon arrival into territory under ISIS control. The threat of returning fighters and those potentially already here should not discounted.”

    Erroll Southers Erroll G. Southers

    Expert in counterterrorism, aviation terrorism, mass transit and critical infrastructure threats, al Qaeda and other terrorist groups