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SOURCE ALERT: USC Experts Available to Discuss President Obama’s Immigration Reforms

  • “We’ve been down this road before, so there’s cause to be cautious. But I’m optimistic: however imperfect this may be compared to real immigration reform, this a step in the right direction, and one that has a fighting chance of breaking the gridlock.”

    Pastor Manuel Pastor

    Expert on sustainable development and social, economic and environmental justice in urban areas

  • “President Obama is poised to announce a plan to temporarily shield millions of unauthorized immigrants from deportation, much like the current program that’s in place for childhood arrivals. While this would be a move in the right direction to prevent family separation, there’s a risk that this executive order might trigger an all-out political war that makes comprehensive immigration reform unlikely in the foreseeable future.”

    Ryo_Emily2-266x400 Emily Ryo

    Expert in immigration, criminal law, employment and labor, socio-legal studies and civil rights

  • “Congress has never provided the financial resources to deport all undocumented immigrants; local and regional immigration officials have therefore for decades made decisions regarding who to target for deportation and who not to target. This has led to inconsistent and unequal enforcement of the immigration laws.  It is in the public interest to have a single national policy that guides how immigration laws are enforced.”

    Frenzen_Niels Niels W. Frenzen

    Expert on immigration and refugee law

  • These reforms make “bipartisan cooperation on this and other issues even more challenging and opens the President and his party to a potentially withering public backlash that could have serious implications for the 2016 campaign.”

    balasson Morris Levy

    Expert in immigration policy and voter ID laws