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USC experts discuss online holiday shopping, drones and virtual reality

  • “It is not clear yet how strong holiday sales will be this year. The election of Donald Trump was a major surprise, and both consumers and economists are likely to be uncertain as to what the economy will have in store. With the stress that many have faced during the election, shopping may also be a welcome relief, so there are potentially good prospects for holiday sales.

    “Over recent years, more and more deals have been offered before Thanksgiving, especially online. There is an increasing race to preempt customers from shopping with competitors.”

    perner Lars Perner

    An expert on consumer behavior and holiday shopping

  • “Be careful about the websites from which you make purchases. If a deal seems too good to be true, perhaps it is. Be careful about the sites that show up in search results too. Sometimes the results can be manipulated to take you to fake sites when you think you are going to ‘Amazone’ (that is an intentional typo).

    “When shopping online with a site without an established account, consider using one-time account numbers that can be generated for many of the credit cards in your wallet. Visit your credit card account online to see if these are available and how to use them.”

    B. Clifford Neuman B. Clifford Neuman

    Expert in computer security, including e-commerce, online payments and remote network access