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#Election2016: Trying to rock the millennial vote

  • The first debate will be an important moment for her to explain why it is important for millennials to vote for her, especially for those considering voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. Donald Trump’s challenge is to persuade millennial voters that his candidacy is more important to them than their differences of opinion with him on social issues and embracing diversity.  Expect to see the candidates making overt appeals to the urgency of millennial votes.”

    Gordon Stables Gordon Stables

    Expert in debating, argumentation, advocacy, political communication and public diplomacy

  • “The key to Hillary Clinton’s victory would be for millennials to vote for her instead of a third party candidate. Clinton’s approach is the right one: arguing the millennials’ case on the basis of issues and alignment between her proposals and policies with their issues, such as free or debt-free college, climate change, reproductive rights, the economy and jobs. The more tactical side, but less persuasive case would involve saying, ‘a third party vote is a vote for Trump.’”

    Morley Winograd

    Expert in Millennials, politics, how technology impacts both

  • “That religion may play a meaningful role for young adults in the national election is doubtful, primarily because most young adults are as ambivalent about religion as they are about politics. But to the extent that religion does play a role, and assuming young adults actually go to the polls, their religious commitments (such as they are) could drive some to vote for Trump because they see him as an ‘authentic’ person. These would likely be those who remain involved in religious institutions, although not exclusively.”

    Richard Flory, expert on religious rhetoric Richard Flory

    Expert in religion and urban life, new forms of Christianity, especially among millennials

  • “It’s a shockingly smart and innovative approach taken by the campaigns to find people on dating sites because they are already engaged and actively involved. By adding political filters to dating profiles, campaigns are getting [millennials] to promote or work against a candidate by sharing information with strangers.”

    IMG_0063 Karen North

    Expert in social media, Internet privacy, online dating, and video games