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SOURCE ALERT: USC Experts Speak About Holiday Spending, Gratitude, Health

  • “With the China slowdown and reduction of inbound volume over earlier forecasts, it appears we’ll have a less than robust holiday season. More than topline sales, it is a margin game that will determine the profitable season for retailers, and the jury is still out on how deep discounts need to be to attract customers.”

    IMG_5550 Nick Vyas

    Expert in global trade & supply chain management, business operations and manufacturing

  • “Holiday cheer can be a tall order – from wolfing down 5,000 calories for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner to drinking a little too much eggnog to vaping something that promises release and relief. Quality family time could be sucked into a TV marathon or other electronic medium. There are, however, healthy ways to manage addictive tendencies.”

    StevenSussman Steven Sussman

    An expert on addictions, drug use, and stop-smoking programs

  • “Cyber Monday really should have become a historical relic by now. In the ‘old days’ of the early 2000s, many people did not have high-speed Internet connections at home; therefore, it made sense to make online sales available when they came back to work. Today, Cyber Monday instead provides an ‘excuse’ for a second round of sales.”

    perner Lars Perner

    An expert on consumer behavior and holiday shopping

  • “As a time of celebrations often involving alcohol use, the holidays can be challenging for people who are in recovery from an alcohol or drug problem. It can be awkward and difficult to choose between entering a risky situation to save social capital – like going to your office holiday party where people are toasting with champagne – or not showing up and doing what is probably the safest option to prevent potential relapse.”

    adamleventhal Adam Leventhal

    Expert in smoking, addiction, and mental health