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SOURCE ALERT: U.S. Court of Appeals upholds challenge to Affordable Care Act health insurance subsidies

  • “These health insurance subsidies are critical for drawing in the ‘young invincibles.’ Without them, the risk pools could fall apart.”

    Dana Goldman 2 Dana Goldman

    Expert in health care reform, managed care and drug costs

  • “If the courts uphold the DC Court of Appeals panel decision, the ACA Health Insurance Exchanges will become unsustainable in the 36 states that completely or partially rely on federally-run exchanges. The 70% of Americans in these exchanges (4.5 million) will lose subsidies averaging more than $4,000 per person and will opt out, preferring to pay the smaller tax penalties for non-coverage.”

    Joel W. Hay Joel W. Hay

    Expert in health care reform, cost effectiveness and comparative effectiveness of drugs and medical interventions

  • “Clean-up legislation is routinely written in order to clarify statutory language like this, but since we are talking about the Affordable Care Act, that likely won’t be the case. It would be unfortunate if a mix of incomplete statutory language and political gridlock keep health insurance from being affordable for some of the most vulnerable Americans.”

    Geoffrey Joyce Geoffrey Joyce

    Expert in health care economics, including the Affordable Care Act, the impact of Medicare Part D, drug benefit design and costs of disease

  • “If this ruling stands it will take away affordable health care coverage from millions of people, most of whom have recently got covered and like their insurance. Although this ruling does not affect California or other states with state exchanges, it creates confusion and uncertainty about the future of the law. This might discourage some from using the exchanges to get affordable coverage.”

    Sood (Queally) Neeraj Sood

    Expert in health policy and economics, including the impact of pharmaceutical spending on the economy