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SOURCE ALERT: Predictions for Super Bowl 50

  • “The alarm surrounding head injuries has disserviced retired athletes by distracting attention from broader health concerns. Former athletes have rightly brought awareness to the under-recognition and under-treatment of their lifetime health. This includes diverse issues: joint injury, heart disease, diet, exercise, health care, and the profound physical, psychological and social challenges of end-of-career transitions. They’ve challenged sports institutions and organizations to better understand and promote their long-term well being, and questioned the ethics of treating competitive athletes as expendable commodities.”

    shawn sorenson Shawn Sorenson

    Expert in exercise and conditioning, nutrition, and sports health issues

  • “The Super Bowl remains the largest single sporting event in American culture. In an era of diminishing viewer ratings across media, the Super Bowl persistently sets new viewing records.  The game has become larger than a single football game, becoming a time for partying and socializing as much as for football.”

    daniel durbin Daniel Durbin

    Expert in the Super Bowl, sports communication and the Olympics

  • “It is true that the Super Bowl affords advertisers the opportunity to reach a huge audience at a time when audiences are fragmented over too many different media. The tragedy is that too many viewers do not remember very much about the brands or products advertised.”

    Ira Kalb 2 Ira Kalb

    Expert in branding, image creation, marketing and corporation communications

  • “Humor and positive emotion will top the list of ads. Melodrama and dry arguments will rank at the bottom.”

    gerard tellis Gerard J. Tellis

    Enterprise expert and marketing researcher focusing on product innovation and market entry