Stanley Rosen

Expert in Chinese politics, film and the relationship between China and Hollywood

Professor of Political Science
Director, East Asian Studies Center


  • the politics of China
  • Chinese film
  • Chinese socialism
  • Chinese foreign relations
  • Chinese society
  • Chinese popular culture
  • politics and social change
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong

Additional Information

  • Co-editor, Chinese Cinema at a Hundred: Art, Politics and Commerce (2008)
  • Co-editor, State and Society in 21st Century China (2004)
  • Chief Editor, Chinese Education and Society
  • Co-author, Survey Research in the People’s Republic of China (1987)
  • Co-editor, On Socialist Democracy and the Chinese Legal System (1985) and Policy Conflicts in Post-Mao China (1986)
  • Author, Red Guard Factionalism and the Cultural Revolution in Guangzhou (Canton) (1982)


  • Stanley Rosen on the Silver Screen in China

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