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MEDIA ADVISORY: The new Senate health care bill

  • ” By 2040, the government projects healthcare will consume one-quarter of the economy. The connection between healthcare spending and the national deficit is rarely made in congressional debate.”

    Dana Goldman

    Expert in health care reform, managed care and drug costs

  • “Why make an underfunded program even more underfunded? Replacing Medicaid with an adequately funded alternative would make more sense than retaining the program and rendering it even less capable of aid to the poor.”

    Darius Lakdawalla

    Expert on health economics and policy, Medicare, nursing homes, and obesity

  • “Among Obamacare’s many provisions, none was more galling to Republicans than the individual mandate, which required Americans above a certain income to buy insurance. It was the subject of a lawsuit that went to the U.S. Supreme Court – and survived.”

    Geoffrey Joyce

    Expert in health care economics, including the Affordable Care Act, the impact of Medicare Part D, drug benefit design and costs of disease

  • “As 2017 began, the market was poised to leave behind the growing pains of the past few years. Then the President and Congress acted to create needless turmoil.”


    Paul Ginsburg, expert on health policy and the Affordable Care Act Paul Ginsburg

    Expert on health policy and the Affordable Care Act