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Russia: A red October for #Election2016

  • “Barack Obama has so far been restrained in reacting to overt Russian interference in the U.S. presidential campaign, but in the online era the United States must become better prepared to respond appropriately to Russian provocations.”

    Philip Seib Philip Seib

    Expert in international news coverage and how the news media affects foreign policy

  • “If you keep irritating [Russia], and crying like a baby that you’re the victim, we are going to embarrass you in a big way internationally. Putin feels assertive. He sees America as reactive and letting him set the agenda while we are consumed with our presidential politics.”

    Robert English Robert English

    Expert on the politics of Russia and the former U.S.S.R, identity/ethnicity in Eastern Europe, the Cold War

  • “In this case, the real issue is the claim that Russia is behind the WikiLeaks. That may be the case, but attribution is always difficult. This is really a matter of attribution of grey area activities where the actions may be by individual hackers or hacker groups that are sometimes engaged by or encouraged by one entity, and at other times by other entities, and sometimes act on their own volition. These actors easily go rogue with respect to even those that promoted their activities, and this creates the plausible deniability regarding attribution.”

    B. Clifford Neuman B. Clifford Neuman

    Expert in computer security, including e-commerce, online payments and remote network access