Armand R. Tanguay Jr.

Expert in optical and photonic technology, including cameras planted in the eye

Professor of Electrical Engineering/Electrophysics, Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering

Director, Optical Materials and Devices Laboratory


  • photonic technology
  • optical materials
  • optical devices
  • optical information processing and
  • photonic implementations of neural
  • crystal growth of optical and electronic
  • dielectric and optical thin film physics
  • thin film deposition technology and
  • physical optics (linear and nonlinear
    polarization effects)
  • physics of photonic, electrooptic,
    optoelectronic and integrated optical
  • photorefractive volume holographic
    optical elements
  • stratified volume holographic optical
    elements (SVHOEs)
  • diffractive optical elements (DOEs)
  • hybrid electronic/ photonic packaging
  • flip chip bonding
  • clean room technology
  • multielectrode arrays for stimulation
    and recording of brain slices, slice
    cultures and dissociated neuron arrays

Additional Information

      Member, Signal and Image Processing Institute


      Faculty Fellow, Center for Excellence in Teaching


      Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science and Optical


    Society of America

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