Jonathan Aronson

Expert in international relations, communications, globalization and trade negotiations

Professor of Communication, USC Annenberg School

Professor of International Relations, USC Dornsife College


  • international information and communication policy
  • global governance
  • globalization
  • international political economy
  • international trade relations
  • wireless communications
  • and the international economy
  • intellectual property, the Internet and global communication
  • international intellectual property protection
  • U.S. trade policy
  • multilateral trade negotiations
  • Net neutrality

Additional Information

  • Co-author of Transforming Global Information and Communication Markets: The Political Economy of Innovation (2009)
  • Author of Money and Power: Banks and the World Monetary System and Trade Talks: America Better Listen! (1985)
  • Co-author of Managing the World Economy: The Consequences of Corporate Alliances (1993) and When Countries Talk: International Trade in Telecommunications Services (1988)
  • Honorary Doctorate, St. Petersburg State University (2000)

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