LA Shorts Film Fest: KUSC’s Jim Svejda documentary to premiere

July 24, 2018

With the 40th year anniversary of Jim Svejda at KUSC, the station commissioned a short documentary as part of the celebration. The documentary has been chosen to open the L.A. Shorts International Film Festival. 

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Jim Svejda, the host of “The Evening Program” and “The Record Shelf” at Los Angeles classical public music station KUSC, is the subject of a new short-film documentary that will get spotlight attention on opening night of the prestigious LA Shorts International Film Festival.

“Jim Svejda: Between the Notes” was chosen as one of a handful of shorts featured as the festival opens on Wednesday night. The film celebrates Svejda’s 40th anniversary with KUSC and also recognizes his status as one of the most knowledgeable classical music hosts in the country.

Directed by Daniel Zucker, with a cast including renowned concert violinist Anne Akiko Meyers, composer Thomas Newman and film director Nicholas Meyer, the short documentary highlights what Svejda has done for the classical music world during his time at KUSC. The station’s former president, Brenda Barnes, commissioned the film to commemorate Svejda’s 40-year milestone.

“As the largest and most listened to classical public radio station in the country, we have a mission to make classical music and the arts an important part of people’s lives,” said Judy McAlpine, current president of the USC Radio Group. “Jim has been an integral part of that mission and for the past forty years has been a mainstay on KUSC and in classical music.”

Svejda is a nationally known American music commentator and critic. Each weeknight, he hosts the classical series, “The Evening Program” and since 1983 has also hosted “The Record Shelf,” a guide to the best in classical recordings.

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