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January 21st, 2021

Half of U.S. adults, 3 out of 10 Angelenos don’t wear masks when in close contact with non-household members

Though a large majority of Americans believe wearing a mask is an effective way to protect themselves from COVID-19, many are still non-compliant — even while engaging in higher risk activities — according to new findings from the USC Dornsife Understanding Coronavirus in America Study. Contact: Jim Key, (619) 253-1077 or or Jenesse Miller, […]

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January 20th, 2021

See how they run: ‘Exercise protein’ doubles running capacity, restores function and extends healthy lifespans in older mice

Animal and human data reveal new target for reversing age-related decline, according to USC study Contact: Jenesse Miller, or (213) 810-8554 or Orli Belman, or (310) 709-4156 A new study shows that humans express a powerful hormone during exercise and that treating mice with the hormone improves physical performance, capacity and fitness. Researchers […]

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January 15th, 2021

Honoring MLK Jr. during a moment of racial reckoning

Contact: Jenesse Miller 213-810-8554 or The holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy will take place on Monday, Jan. 18th and is the only federal holiday designated as a national day of service – a “day on, not a day off.” USC experts offer their thoughts on the civil rights leader’s legacy […]

January 14th, 2021

Will Joe Biden’s Inauguration Heal a Divided Nation?

Contact: Jenesse Miller 213-810-8554 or Next week, Joe Biden becomes America’s 46th president and inherits major problems that few other presidents faced upon their inauguration. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead due to the coronavirus pandemic. Business closures and rising unemployment have crippled the economy. American democracy is in peril as evidenced by Republican attempts […]

January 14th, 2021

COVID-19 reduced U.S. life expectancy, especially among Black and Latino populations

Researchers found that COVID-19 deaths in 2020 led to the largest single-year decline in life expectancy in at least 40 years. Contact: Jenesse Miller, or (213) 810-8554 The COVID-19 pandemic, which claimed more than 336,000 lives in the United States in 2020, has significantly affected life expectancy, USC and Princeton researchers have found. The […]

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January 12th, 2021

Experts offer strategies to encourage widespread acceptance of the coronavirus vaccine

The pandemic has spiraled out of control as a more contagious version of COVID-19 spreads, increasing the urgency to quickly vaccinate as many people as possible. Yet polling over the last several months has shown that many Americans have safety concerns and don’t want the vaccine just yet. USC experts say that hesitancy can be […]

January 6th, 2021

Democracy in peril? Political chaos in the nation’s capital

The U.S. Capitol building is under lockdown due to chaos in Washington DC. Members of Congress were in the House and Senate chambers to vote on certifying the presidential election results, but they were evacuated as protestors stormed the building. USC experts are available for comment. Contact: USC Media Relations, (213) 740-2215 or Jenesse Miller, (213) 810-8554 […]

December 10th, 2020

New study finds sugar-sweetened drinks disrupt hormones that suppress hunger and regulate appetite

Contact: Leigh Hopper, (310) 308-0405 or Sugary drinks interfere with hormones that tell the body “I feel full,” potentially contributing to obesity and undermining weight loss efforts, a new USC study shows. The findings, which appear today in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, strengthen the case against sugar-sweetened beverages, a significant driver […]

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December 9th, 2020

Scientists develop powerful new tools to peer deeply inside pancreas cells in a step toward finding treatments for diabetes

Contact: Gary Polakovic (323) 527-7770 or For the first time, scientists have peered deeply inside a pancreatic cell and observed it packaging insulin and responding to a drug treatment, an intimate look at the mechanisms responsible for preventing diabetes. A team of scientists — led by researchers at the Bridge Institute at the USC Michelson Center for […]

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November 30th, 2020

Business closures, partial reopenings due to COVID may cost the US $3-$5 trillion in GDP over 2 years, USC study finds

USC economists project that a best-case scenario for the United States hinges on whether the initial mandatory closures and social distancing measures were sufficient to control the rise in coronavirus cases. In a worst-case scenario, infections would ramp up considerably after businesses reopen; thus, forcing another round of closures. The study comes just as many […]

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